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Koryu Unarmed Training

For those that want to practice our traditional classical combat martial arts -

Because these warrior traditions date back nearly 400 years, training in these arts is not to be undertaken lightly; they require a lifetime of dedicated commitment.

Regular training sessions consist of intense study of the basics, closely directed by an instructor, and kata training with a variety of training partners. Kata is the primary means of transmission in the Japanese classical martial arts. These choreographed sequences of movements are deceptive. They do not represent combat scenarios, but are rather patterns of movements designed to embed sophisticated patterns of principle into the trainee's neuro-muscular system. Strict attention to detail is required, as is consistent repetitive training.  There are no belt rankings. 

The thought process for those who study Classical Koryu Bujutsu, is the characteristic of Perseverance over any obstacle.


For Basic Classes, there are three levels with corresponding attitudes that need to be cultivated and followed:

1.  Basic Basic - to faithfully PRESERVE and FOLLOW (aka SHU) the kata or form.

2.  Intermediate Basic - to Break UP (aka HA) and make variations on the form.

3.  Advanced Basic - to LEAVE BEHIND (aka RI) the form.

These Three words - Shu, Ha, and Ri are an important teaching for those who learn any of Japan's ancient art forms.

The books listed here offer a variety of perspectives and observations on what it takes to undertake physical/mental training/conditioning for these classes:

Japanese Physical Training by Harrie Irving Hancock
Physical Training for women by Japanese Methods - Harrie Irving Hancock
Asian Fighting Arts - Donn F. Draeger & Robert W. Smith
Classical Bujutsu - Don F. Draeger
Classical Budo - Don F. Draeger
Samurai Sword - Tips for Rapid Skill Advancement - Peter Steeves

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