Koryu Conditioning/Training

Koryu Weapons Training

KORYU WEAPONS TRAINING - (Kata training with 2 or more students)
9:15 am - 10:00 Sundays 


What I do propose is that a few years of good weapons training before taking up an unarmed art might well shorten the time it takes for women (or men, for that matter) to reach a level where they can confidently rely on their skills for self-defense". - Diane Skoss (Koryu.com)

To begin physical fitness training in the way of the classical combat martial arts (Koryu Bujutsu), whether unarmed or using the Bo Staff (Bojutsu), Samurai Sword (Kenjutsu), and other weapons, is to embark on a lifelong study, knowing that one will never "finish" or "perfect" their art.

This type of training is, quite simply, not for everyone. These classes take an enormous commitment, endless patience, sincerity, pliancy, and a willingness to learn things that are completely different from what a person has done or learned in their previous experience.  

Samurai Sword (Kenjutsu)
No matter how hard you try, you can't master the sword on your own, or with videos.

Practice the cuts.
Kenjutsu is something that takes stamina, so you need to practice. Take the cut you just learned and do it 1000 times, sets of 5, 10, or 50. That burn your going to feel will teach you what you need to know. But remember, practice makes perfect, so if your doing it wrong, you'll keep doing it wrong.  So work with a Teacher that knows Kenjutsu.

Practice often.
You will find it gets a lot easier over time, and you can move to heavier bokken (wooden sword), or suburito (a heavier bokken, usually more than 6 pounds)

Bo Staff (Bojutsu) - More Information coming soon
Naginata (Naginatajutsu) - More Information coming soon

Training is mostly within the Kukishin lineage for all of the above weapons

Our students are responsible for achieving their results, which takes an enormous amount of discipline and determination.



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