Samurai Sword & Bo Staff Conditioning

Conditioning Class Details & Pricing


Bo Staff & Samurai Sword Conditioning Class
(with an emphasis on Posture and a Strong Balanced Body)

Train at your own Pace, whether 30, 40, 50 or 60 plus

 A combination of flexibility exercises, agility exercises, stretching and aerobic/anaerobic exercises, using a 6 foot stick (Bo Staff Hanbo (3 foot stick) and/or a Wooden Samurai Sword), based on the philosophies of Bujutsu (classical combat martial arts).   

This Basic Mind/Body Conditioning Class will allow you to subtly learn the art of self-defense from the Classical Combat Martial Arts of Japan while conditioning at your own pace. 

From Diane Skoss ( -"What I do propose is that a few years of good weapons conditioning before taking up an unarmed

 art might well shorten the time it takes for women (or men, for that matter) to reach a level where they can confidently rely on their skills for self-defense". 

Class FEE:  
First two (2) classes are completely FREE and are for observation and/or participation to see if this is an activity that you want to pursue.

After First 2 classes Pay the annual membership fee of $30.00 and the Yearly Insurance Fee of $99.00 (total of $129.00) 

Fees charged are to take care of Insurance and other necessary expenses associated with the classes.  


Stoner Park - West Los Angeles (next to Swimming Pool) - on Most Sundays
8:30am- 9:15 am Conditioning Class

Please TEXT 310-592-2470 to verify days.  

Research shows that when you spend time in nature -
Anxiety decreases and well-being increases 

The teachings in these classes are based on traditional Koryu Bujutsu training material and are designed to bring this classical training of Samurai Sword, and Bo Staff to the modern world, but with an emphasis on the BEAUTY and ATHLETICISM of these Weapons Arts, as they help to support the Preservation of ancient Japanese lineages:  

Generally, when this material is presented it is with the understanding that you are learning a set of combat martial arts fighting skills, however, I have chosen to present these teachings as a source of PHYSICAL and MENTAL CONDITIONING (with a special emphasis on POSTUREand a Strong Balanced Body), that any one can take as a way of relating to our everyday experiences.  Almost all training is done by Yourself and NOT with a partner.  May this admittedly unconventional approach to a very traditional subject be helpful and encouraging to all who participate.  

The Culture of Posture
 In the early Kamakura period (the 12th century) the philosophy of the human body as a tool of etiquette developed into practical techniques to enhance the fighting ability of samurai warriors. All of the Japanese martial arts, performing arts, and cultural activities began with posture, including sumo (the Japanese national sport), Japanese archery, kendo fencing, judo, karate, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, Noh dance, and Kabuki. Japan was truly a country of the culture of posture. (courtesy of shinzen na shisei)

Support the Preservation of the following Japanese lineages: Kukishin-ryu founded in the 14th century, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, one of the oldest Japanese schools of swordsmanship, Jinenkan -founded in 1996 to study the martial arts of old japan freely and unhindered. Finally these classes help to support Bunka Shodo (art of Japanese Calligraphy) at the Venice Japanese Community Center.  

For Further Information - please e-mail or Text 310-592-2470


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