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The secret to Japanese longevity is our 'POSTURE CULTURE' which has been emphasized since the 6th century,"  - Tatsujiro Fujiwara

There are Three Levels of Conditioning/Physical Training Classes
(all with an emphasis on Posture and a Strong Balanced Body)

Train at your own Pace, whether 30, 40, 50 or 60 plus

All Students must start at the beginning (BASIC-BASIC) and work their way up.  Slow steady growth allows the ability to maintain quality in the instruction offered to students.  
Students learn through Keiko "practice", but not practice as we think of it in Western Terms.  Practice in the Do isn't a matter of "beginning a course", or "taking a class."  Instead, students of the Ways run through actions that they have repeated hundreds of times in the past.  Learning takes place, but frequently on subconscious and intuitive levels.  H.E. Davey

1.  Basic-Basic (45 minutes conditioning/ 45 Minutes Training)
 Faithfully PRESERVE and FOLLOW (aka SHU) the kata or form

As a Basic Mind/Body Conditioning/Training Class that allows you to subtly learn the art of self-defense from the Classical Combat Martial Arts of Japan.  A combination of flexibility exercises, agility exercises, stretching and aerobic/anaerobic exercises, using a 6 foot stick (Bo Staff and/or a Wooden Samurai Sword), based on the philosophies of Bujutsu (classical combat martial arts).   

2.  Intermediate Basic (45 minutes Conditioning / 45 Minutes Training)
To Break UP (aka HA) and make variations on the form.

Where most Bugeisha sought to perfect only their physical techniques, swordsmanship and bo staff can be a means of quieting fears and inner doubts.  Instead of practicing a cut only to achieve proficiency in it, you can continue to repeat the striking movements again and again losing yourself in it, until consciousness is consumed in the action.  Then beyond ragged breath, under painful muscles, you will discover a peaceful, flowing quiet, within the violence of swordsmanship and bo staff training.  The way of the sword and bo staff are not only in physical techniques, not just in victory on the battlefield, but also in the realm of the spiritual.*  You will acquire a much better understanding of the relationship between mind and body, and begin to understand how your thoughts control what happens in your body.  You will learn to cultivate Mind over Matter.
(Fudoshin - immovable spirit) 

From Diane Skoss (Koryu.com) -"What I do propose is that a few years of good weapons training before taking up an unarmed art might well shorten the time it takes for women (or men, for that matter) to reach a level where they can confidently rely on their skills for self-defense". 
3. Advanced Basic (45 minutes Conditioning / 45 Minutes Training)
 To LEAVE BEHIND (aka RI) the form.
Keep your feelings low.  Learn to regulate your breathing, during practice and at rest.  Sink your consciousness into your hara (the lower abdomen) from where all spirit emanates, according to the philosophy of the bugei.  "Too tired just to use muscles, too tired to think to keep rhythm. Body finished, then spirit takes over"** The Bugeisha were flexible in the physical, mental and spiritual realm, which gave them a greater choice of options in life.  If we are willing to look deeply, we are rewarded by the true power and beauty of bujutsu.  With this class you have the option to explore and connect the mind-body & spirit.  

Class FEES:  
First four (4) classes are completely FREE and are for observation and/or participation to see if this is an activity that you want to pursue and/or to see if you are a good fit for this program)

After First 4 classes Pay just the annual membership fee of $99.00 

Conditioning Class (45 minutes) - After 6 months, pay monthly $12.00 fee
Training Class -enrollment by invitation only (45 minutes-learning weapon & unarmed kata, putting techniques together) -It usually takes about 6 months to participate in the training class 

Fees charged are to take care of Insurance and other necessary expenses associated with the classes.  


Stoner Park - West Los Angeles (next to Swimming Pool) - on Most Sundays
8:30am- 9:15 am Conditioning Class

9:15-10 am Training Class

Please TEXT 310-592-2470 to verify days.  

Research shows that when you spend time in nature -
Anxiety decreases and well-being increases 

Support the Preservation of the following Japanese lineages: Kukishin-ryu founded in the 14th century, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, one of the oldest Japanese schools of swordsmanship, Jinenkan -founded in 1996 to study the martial arts of old japan freely and unhindered. Finally these classes help to support Bunka Shodo (art of Japanese Calligraphy) at the Venice Japanese Community Center.  

For Further Information - please e-mail koryuconditioning@gmail.com

     *loosely adapted from the book by Dave Lowry - Autumn Lightning, the Education of an American Samurai - pg 67-68  ** Autumn Lightning pg 81

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