Koryu Conditioning/Training

Koryu Conditioning

Physical Training for Men and Women
by Japanese Methods

The teachings in these classes are based on traditional Koryu Bujutsu training material and are designed to bring this classical training of
Samurai Sword, Bo Staff and Naginata to the modern world, but with an emphasis on the BEAUTY and ATHLETICISM of these Weapons Arts, as they help to support the Preservation of ancient Japanese lineages

Generally, when this material is presented it is with the understanding that you are learning a set of combat martial arts fighting skills, however,
I have chosen to present these teachings as a source of physical and mental conditioning (with a special emphasis on POSTURE and a Strong Balanced Body), that any one can take as a way of relating to our everyday experiences.  Almost all training is done by Yourself and NOT with a partner.  May this admittedly unconventional approach to a very traditional subject be helpful and encouraging to all who participate.  

The Culture of Posture
 In the early Kamakura period (the 12th century) the philosophy of the human body as a tool of etiquette developed into practical techniques to enhance the fighting ability of samurai warriors. All of the Japanese martial arts, performing arts, and cultural activities began with posture, including sumo (the Japanese national sport), Japanese archery, kendo fencing, judo, karate, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, Noh dance, and Kabuki. Japan was truly a country of the culture of posture. (courtesy of shinzen na shisei)

Bo Staff Conditioning/Training-
 uses a 6 foot wooden stick, and includes stretching, aerobics/anaerobic, and agility exercises based on the traditional bojutsu martial arts movements. Bojutsu is one of the core fundamentals to training in the Samurai Classical Martial Arts. It is a great magnifying tool for you to look at your taijutsu (body movement)... the bo magnifies your strengths and weaknesses.  

Samurai Sword Conditioning/Training (includes 2-Sword) 
is based on the striking movements of Kenjutsu (sword art) - the classical art of swords
manship.  While originally rooted in the age of feudalism, when swordsmanship was of practical value, today Kenjutsu is maintained for its historical value and as a means of preserving the cultural ethics of the Japanese warrior.  This class can begin to prepare your body and mind for the traditional Kenjutsu classes and Kenshin ittai (sword and mind as one).  

The concept of making the sword move in perfect harmony with the mind and body of the swordsman.  This relationship is a primary goal of kenjutsu training.  This class uses a Bokken and/or Subrito for training. The Bokken is a wooden sword, similar in size, shape and weight to the Japanese steel sword.  The bokken is used in practice sessions to avoid injury in actual kata training.   

Naginata Conditioning/Training 
During the Edo Period, as the naginata became less useful for men on the battlefield, it became a symbol of the social status of women of the samurai class . A functional naginata was often a traditional part of a samurai daughter's dowry. Although they did not typically fight as normal soldiers, women of the samurai class were expected to be capable of defending their homes while their husbands were away at war. The naginata was considered one of the weapons most suitable for women, since it allows a woman to keep opponents at a distance, where any advantages in height, weight, and upper body strength would be lessened.

You have the Potential to Gain these Benefits:
◦Better Posture
◦Better Overall Balance
◦Better Hip/Leg Stability
◦More Flexibility and Mobility
◦Stronger Back
◦Stronger Core
◦Improve Mental Alertness
◦Peace & Contentment
◦Better Mind/Body/Spirit connection
◦Self Mastery
◦And much, much more.......

Ongoing Training and Support
You will be shown techniques to improve strength and endurance for a lifetime, and learn valuable techniques that can be incorporated into your lifestyle for years to come.   

Please TEXT Janou Lightning at 310-592-2470 to verify days and /or to get additional information.  

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